Will you be the next Legend inside the Battle Arena?

Love Monster: Arena of Legends is a Free to Play immersive Web3 strategy combat game set in a vibrant virtual world, where players engage in turn-based battles using a diverse range of characters and elements. In this game, players can earn and trade unique in-game assets and characters, leveraging our innovative reward system. Our ecosystem intertwines GameFi and Play & Earn mechanics, creating a dynamic and rewarding gaming experience.

Gotta Collect 'Em All

With a Limited Collection of 9,999 Love Monster NFTs, which monsters will you choose to take with you into the battle arena?

Love Monster: Arena of Legends

Own, Battle, Earn, Craft & Play

Our Ecosystem provides a full suite of tools that make for an immersive experience.


Play With Friends

Dive into the Battle Arena and play with friends for some epic showdowns in 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 battles. Feeling brave? Crank up the excitement and battle it out for loot in an ultimate winner-takes-all battle!


Earn Rewards

Advance through the game, levelling up and unlocking exclusive in-game rewards. Complete Missions and contribute actively to the community to earn Points, and grab your slice of the rewards through our fun and engaging Play 4 Airdrop campaigns.



Every monster is unique, just as every battle is different, defining this as the ultimate turn-based strategy experience. Customize your monster’s DNA, Appearance and teach it new skills as you journey through the game, aiming to become the ultimate legend in the arena.

What are $LOVE Tokens?

Token Utility

The $LOVE token is the heart of the Love Monster ecosystem, boasting a max supply of 4.5 billion tokens. It provides diverse opportunities for engagement, earning, and elevating your journey within The Monsterverse.

GameFi & DeFi

Use $LOVE tokens for in-game purchases, land upgrades, governance, staking rewards, and unlocking a multitude of benefits and opportunities.


By holding $LOVE you can help us shape the future of The Monsterverse and the Love Monster ecosystem, learn about the $LOVE governance token and its utilities within the ecosystem.

Working With

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I play the game for free?
Love Monster: Arena of Legends is free to download and play on Android, PC, and MacOS devices.
I don't own a Love Monster NFT
You can start the game with one of our generic non-NFT starter Love Monsters, these are available for everyone to utilize, enjoy, and get more acquainted with the game. If you like the game and want to explore what you can do by owning a Love Monster NFT, you can pick one up via our Marketplace.
How do I create an account & start playing?

We’ve made it easy for players to create an account, you can simply click sign-up and login with just one click. This will create your gamer account which connects you to our entire ecosystem. When you sign up it also creates a self-custody wallet where your collectibles and NFTs will be stored.

What is The Monsterverse?
The Monsterverse stands as our metaverse and the home of the Love Monsters. Engage with fellow landowners. Owning a plot unlocks the potential to earn rewards by deploying your Love Monster NFTs on resource-hunting expeditions, building interactive shops, casinos and much more. Resources from your land can traded via our marketplace.
Can I Trade NFTs and Resources?

Yes, you can trade items which you earn and unlock within the game on our intuitive Monster Marketplace. Collect resources, craft items, unlock skills and trade them with other players.